Thursday, November 5, 2015

Selective Listening

The year 2011 was life changing to me. That is the year I met a friend who introduced me to the Law of Attraction. I had heard of this concept from my younger brother before who tried explaining it to me. I remember him saying that essentially whatever you think about you bring about. And at that time I thought it was a nice "idea" but I wasn't buying it.

When my friend had brought me the movie The Secret, that is when it made sense to me! From that moment, every single day has been learning more and more about this law that I call "The Law of Faith". Each experience in my life after that has been more and more proof that you create what you think about! This is such wonderful news because this means you can take control of your life! Instead of thinking you are some plastic bag floating in the wind being taken wherever the wind blows, helplessly.

Music to me has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I loved music so much I would fall asleep with the radio on. My favorite genres were Neo Soul, R&B, Bachata, Salsa, Spanish Rock, and various top 40. Since I was unaware of the law of attraction, it didn't matter what the song was about really, so long as it sounded good. I particularly related to love songs; the more emotional the better because I was a DRAMA QUEEN!

I can remember in 2010 being in a relationship that was very hard. We don't have to go into to many details, but it was one of those intense relationships that was perfect when things were going well, and hell when things weren't. I didn't know how to take control of the situation when we would fight and I would get carried away by my emotions.

One day, I had been texting my (then) boyfriend all day cute messages during work. I had been feeling wonderful and particularly excited to see him! On the way home from work I remember listening to the radio station which was playing all my favorite heartbreak songs. And I never turned down the opportunity to sing to the top of my lungs when it was a song I liked, so this day I was singing these sad songs about how some guy had misused her trust and broke her heart. I was singing with every ounce of emotion I could, imagining myself acting in the music video and putting that level of emotion into the song.  When the song was over I thought to myself, "I feel really bad for anyone who is going through that right now. How lucky am I to not be in that situation!" And I thought nothing else of it.

I sang more songs, probably yelled at a few drivers for their bad driving (I'm sure) and continued my route home. When I got to the house, you couldn't imagine what was waiting for me! My boyfriend had been arguing with his kid's mom about who knows what and he was in the worst mood! He suddenly needed to leave to tend to his kid (because he was only allowed to see them at her house). Cue the heart break. The argument transferred to me and there I was feeling the exact same amount of sadness and heartbreak I was imagining as I sang during my drive!

At the time I had no idea that one had anything to do with the other, and I can't say that one song caused the dysfunction in my relationship, but it certainly feed into my pattern of thinking. During this time in my life, since I didn't know what I know now, I used to be a huge fan of dramatic "reality" tv shows such as Maury, Cheaters, Jersey Shore, etc.  I was fascinated by other people's experiences and when I would see infidelity or someone taking advantage of another person's trust it directly affected my way of thinking! If on tv or in music men = dogs then in my own relationship if I saw him (or any man) scratching, I would come to my conclusion. That is why it is so important that we are careful about what we let into our minds!

Adele's album 21 in 2011 was my life's theme song adding emotion and background into my breakup with this guy. I guess in a way it helped me to say bye, since that is what most of her songs are about, but it was very painful and it took me a long time to let go.

Then, luckily, I came across the Law of Attraction, and I realized what I had been doing all along. I would watch these shows, and listen to this music and have conversations about heartbreak and frustration with my friends who also watch these shows and listened to this music and I would create THAT in my life!

Now days, it's totally different for me. Whenever I hear one of those heartbreak songs I change it. Sorry Adele, you have an AMAZING voice, but I want to protect my future and I want to create more love and happiness, so PLEASE make some more happy music for me us, please? Either way, I have my arsenal. My favorite music now to listen to is Spanish Reggae, specifically Cultura Profetica. Their music actually helped me manifest my boyfriend today!

Most of their songs, especially from the album La Dulzura are about loving a woman, and treating her like a queen. I had realized (while I was single and learning about LOA) that I deserved to be with someone who loved me and who thought of me the way this music describes love. There are other artists who sing songs that are positive and respectful and THAT is the music I will listen to.

If I turn on the radio and it's a degrading song about women, or a song about infidelity or heartbreak, guess what I do?  Change the station, or turn it off altogether. But let there be a happy song, or a song about love and someone loving you, then I'm turning up the volume!

Think about it: what kind of music do you listen to? Does your life reflect any of that? I'm interested to read your thoughts/experiences...