Thursday, August 25, 2016


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Every-so-often I go through a bout of disappointment. It's some sort of "artist's curse"; questioning one's own abilities, worth and direction. Partially because I'm doing this full-time, partially because the internet is so quick to share amazing works of art around the world giving one a sense that I am but a droplet in this vast sea of artists, art lovers and critics.

Image result for depressed gifFor every time-lapsed video of an artist making magic out of gun powder, or larger-than-life mural or life-like paintings on humans, that little voice in my head says, "Your work is wack compared to this!" and "You've got to go from good to amazing, what are you doing with your life? Why aren't you making stuff as amazing and as viral as this?"

My boyfriend knows all too well about my emotional abuse because he's inevitably the person talking me off the ledge. (note to self: let him know I appreciate him always). Maybe it's because I'm a combination of sensitive and passionate. I don't know what causes this doubt (ego maybe). What I do know is, chasing your dreams can be a scary thing (but it's so worth it)! And I have to remind myself that comparison kills our dreams! How do you not, though?

There is a reason I'm inspired to create the work that I do. Even when someone says something negative or over-looks it, that shouldn't be my worries. But, in my human nature, time and time again, I've allowed it to affect my personal beliefs of self-worth to the point of (and I'm going to be completely transparent here) considering quitting! I'm sure you've experienced the same my dear reader.

So, I've decided to take some time and share these quotes with you, for two reasons: 1. to hopefully inspire you in your own creative direction and 2. to remind myself that reconditioning my thinking takes work and repeat efforts.

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And with that my sweet, sweet reader, I bid you good fortune. Believe in yourself! It's not easy to do when you feel like no one else believes in you, but what you don't see is the magic only YOU can create in the way only YOU can create it! I believe in you! 

Peace and Love!