Thursday, December 31, 2015

WHOSE Voice?

Imagine this:
Cypher Love  You walk into a club and see a big crowd of people in a circle. You make your way to an open space in the circle to see what they are watching. It's a dancer, and they are REALLY good!
  You love to dance as well! In fact, you are known for being the person who is always dancing (well or not so well). You want to go in the middle of the circle and express yourself as well! In fact, the very idea of you doing that gets you excited!
  Something stops you, however, and you examine each face in the crowd. A voice pops into your head and says, "Don't be ridiculous! You are not as good as that last person dancing! You will make a fool of yourself in front of all these people, intently waiting to pass judgment on someone."
  You start to bob and sway to the beat, but you are committed to keeping all of your expression in your 2ft by 2ft personal bubble. You watch dancer after dancer go in the middle of the circle, do their very experienced thing. You catch yourself feeling the music more and more, pushing the envelop of not giving a kcuf and accidentally wave it like you just don't care, but as soon as you notice eyes on you, you tone it down.



  WHOSE voice is in your head telling you that the urge to be yourself is wrong? Is it your own voice? Or maybe the recorded voice of a loved one who told you over and over again, not to do things for fear of failure or pain... Who are you living for then?

  If you find yourself wanting to dance, DO IT! If you find yourself wanting to learn something new, DO IT! If you find yourself wanting to go somewhere foreign, DO IT!

  You are more powerful than any voice of doubt. Even when your friends or loved ones tell you straight out, "Don't because what if you fail, Don't because what if you it doesn't work out" DO IT! Do it for yourself! That way, when you show the whole world that you have accomplished, experienced and live, maybe then, others will follow suit.

  Thank you 2015 for that lesson, and here's to more dancing in 2016!

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